Mountain hunts

Mountain hunts at the top of the world. Mountain hunts are the most challenging type of hunt.

Physical stress, long shooting distances and ascetic conditions are the signatures of a mountain hunt. Many hunters also feel it is the most enthralling and rewarding type of hunting. The endless, merciless mountains are a challenge for hunters, but are also rewarding and enticing in their own rugged way. During the hunts you will see and feel many things that only a few are privileged to experience. Beautiful sunrises above the cloud layers, wild trekking on mountain slopes and adrenaline-filled hunting moments will surely be unforgettable.

We recommend mountain hunts in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan for fit, adventurous hunters who want to test their limits and add the world's most valued species of game to their collections.

If that sounds too wild, we also offer options for hunters who value amenities in addition to unperalled views. Learn about our mountain hunts in Spain and Turkey.