Poland is Europe's gift to hunters. Just a short flight away, Poland is a diverse, efficient, high-quality hunting location where you can hunt exquisite row deer, red deer, fallow deer, muoflon and wild boar.

Well-maintained game stock and an extremely skilled hunting organisation make the hunt enjoyable. We offer you more than thirty tested hunting sites around Poland. We always place hunters at the best possible site, taking into account the customer's wishes. Successful individual hunts and fast-paced driven hunts have been held in Poland for the past eight years.

Driven hunts

We began operations in Poland eight years ago. At that time Poland was a relatively unknown hunting location for Finns, and only a few individual groups of hunters visited the country annually. We started off with a couple of groups, and then the business took off. Information about successful hunts circulated by word of mouth (THANKS TO all of you customer) and year after year the number of hunters heading to Poland has grown. During the last season, more than 300 Finnish hunters booked tours to Poland through our company. This says something about the nature of the hunt. It is suited for us Finns! We value wild game, an efficient hunt without unnecessary waiting and clearly stated pricing. Poland offers all of this and much more.

Poland's driven hunt package follows a clear plan. The price includes everything starting with airport transportation. Our groups are accommodated at the best available hotel or estate, and we make sure that plenty of food is on the table. The day begins at dawn with instructions and drawing lots for stands cards, and as the sun rises we are already in stands and begin the first drive. There are usually 6-8 drives a day. Sometimes in areas with long drives we have had to settle for five, but at other times we have held as many as 11 drives in one day. This type of operation cannot be found anywhere else in Europe, or in the entire world. Poland's driven hunt model is unique.

An excellent stand card system has been developed for the driven hunt that leaves no room for explanations. The stand card assigns a number for each stand for each day's drive and "hot" stands are circulated. The system does not favour anyone and everyone starts the hunt from the same line. The final results depend on luck and on the hunters.

An average of 10-15 wild boars is shot each day. There are many roe deer in the area and the number of them killed in the stand chain depends largely on the hunters' desire to shoot them and the ability to identify females and males. During the driven hunt season only shooting fallow deer does and foals is allowed. The number of red deer varies by area. The cost of the hunt includes hunting permits for red deer hinds, and in some areas even stags. Red deer are challenging animals in driven hunts, as they often flee the area in panic when stands are still being set up. While trying to escape during the drive they usually try to flee in a herd through the stand chain, so only a few hunters are lucky enough to shoot them. Of course some red deer are also killed, but in fewer numbers than wild boars and roe deer. Usually 100–200 shots are fired during the weekend and the total number of kills varies from 30-60 animals. When everything goes well, that number can rise significantly.

Individual hunts

Individual hunts are organised for all species of big game. The most popular are spring roe deer hunts and red deer and fallow deer roar hunts. Individual hunts include 3-5 days of hunting for a group of 2-5 hunters. There are hunting areas around Poland and the location is chosen based on the customer's wishes. The size of trophies varies greatly between different areas. Individual hunts can be reserved for a fixed price, and the trip package includes all hunting and accommodation services and shooting fees. Another option is to reserve only services and pay shooting fees according to a separate price list. Hunts with a fixed price are well-suited for hunters who want to plan their exact travel budget in advance. Purchasing only a service/hunting package is best-suited for hunters who know more precisely the type and size of the trophy they want for their wall.

The travel programme for individual hunts is simple. We make an effort to take the group to the site on the morning flight, and hunting is already underway in the afternoon. The next 2-4 days are full hunting days, which in practice means two separate hunts, one in the morning and one in the evening. The morning and evening hunts are scheduled according the activeness of the species being stalked. We try to avoid wasted hours and to efficiently utilise the best moments of the day.

In individual hunts each hunter has his own personal guide. The guides are professional game keepers in the area and/or experienced hunters who know the lay of the land and the animals' habits.