Diverse species of game, varied hunting districts, spectacular views and 5***** service from beginning to end.

Monteria driven hunts

Monteria is the oldest and most traditional form of hunting in Spain. Game usually includes red deer and wild boar, but muoflon and fallow deer are also found in some areas. The hunting area, called "mancha,” is a traditional drive with 15–35 hunters. Stands are carefully planned in advance, taking into account shooting sectors and safety. The drawing of lots for the stands is a stylish and exiting event. After drawing lots, hunters are located in stands along the gauntlet through which the animals will try to flee. This stand chain is called an "armada." When the hunters are ready, beaters will start the drive and about 300 dogs will be set loose. The daily number of kills is enormous.

Individual hunts

  • Ibex (4 different species) Gredos, Tortosa Beceite, Ronda, Southeastern
  • Chamois (2 different sub-species) Pyrenean / Cantabrian
  • Red deer
  • Fallow deer
  • Roe deer
  • Wild boar
  • Muoflon
  • Barbary sheep

The hunting area is chosen based on the species of game and the customer's wishes. Thanks to our contacts we can offer Spain's best hunting areas and high-quality trophies for each species of game. The hunt is led by a trained, experienced hunting guide, who provides customer service from the airport arrivals area to the return trip home. Hunting is usually done on foot, but we also arrange for ATVs and horses. The physical challenge of the hunt can be modified by the season and the choice of the hunting area.


High-quality accommodation and meals are included in the hunting trip. A Spanish kitchen offers a large variety of delicacies, from seafood to high-quality meat dishes. Spanish wines are known worldwide, and you will find the finest on our dining table after the hunt.

Spain offers an option for every taste!