Marco Polo sheep and large ibexes.

Kyrgyzstan's reasonable price range and guaranteed kills make it a natural choice for hunters looking for Marco Polo and ibex trophies. Our local partner is one of Kyrgyzstan's largest and best-known hunting trip organisers. Two decades of experience, large hunting areas and numerous high-quality camps make planning your trip safe and flexible.


We recommend Turkish Airlines flights for best connections, schedules and easy transportation of weapons.

Transportation from the airport to the camp takes 8-10 hours depending on the hunting area selected. The camps we use are in the Issyk-Kulin Naryn regions. The hunting areas have a surface area of about 200,000 hectares. The camps have all necessary equipment and professional personnel to guarantee a successful hunting trip. The hunts utilise horses accustomed to mountain hunts and there are suitable cabins for overnight accommodation. There is also fresh mountain water, a generator, and food that is first-class given the circumstances.