Argentina is a paradise for shotgunners and steak-lovers. It is a location where every hunter will surely have the chance to shoot and eat as much as they wish.


The endless flocks of doves in the Córdoba and Santiago del Estero Provinces easily raise the daily number of shots per hunter up to thousands, day after day. Argentina’s overgrown dove populations cause remarkable damage and therefore dove hunting is permitted throughout the year.

In addition to fowling, rifle hunters can find several species of big game in the Argentine nature and dorado fishing makes for a good break from hunting.


When planning the trip, it is important to note that the inexpensive bird hunt only makes for one part of the expenses and the money spent on cartridges may significantly increase the total sum. Depending on the location and exchange rates, cartridges cost USD 12–14 per 25pcs/box. The total budget of the trip, including the flights, can easily reach 5.000 euros.


We organize hunting trips to Argentina for groups of 6–10 hunters. The travel plans and offers for trips to Argentina are always tailored in accordance with the group’s wishes.


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