South Africa has become an established hunting location, with hunters returning year after year.

High-quality service, imposing camps, perfect weather and overwhelmingly beautiful hunting grounds combined with reasonable prices make it popular. Good flight connections, an enormous selection of species and limitless opportunities for additional activities seal the travel package. South Africa is an excellent travel destination from a quality/price standpoint and is also suited for families.

Our hunting sites are located in malaria-free areas in the Free State, North West and Limpopo Provinces. All of the locations are a reasonable drive from the Johannesburg airport and domestic flights within South Africa are not needed. This saves time, bother and money.

In South Africa you can hunt year-round. The most popular time is March-August. Camps can be reserved for private use for groups with a minimum of four hunters. Hunters travelling alone or in pairs are welcome to join B&R Hunting's groups.

Hunting packages

Package trips are an easy way to begin hunting in Africa. Packages include all services, starting with transportation from the airport. This allows you to clearly plan the overall budget for the trip.

Example trip

7 days / 5 hunting days. Includes: airport transportation, accommodation, meals, beverages, cleaning and laundry, the services of a professional hunter and tracker, initial preparation of trophies and transportation to a taxidermist. Three hunting permits, for example for impala, warthog and topi antelope.

1,990 euros + flights

*The hunting permits/species included in the package vary by area.
**Other species of game can also be hunted in conjunction with the package trip. Additional kills are charged according to the shooting fee.

Hunting trip with daily fees

Hunters who have visited Africa repeatedly often reserve a trip without the shooting fees included in a package. The hunt focuses on species of game that are selected by the customer. This option is also well-suited for first-timers, if they do not yet know which species they most enjoy killing and want to decide after arrival.
Daily fees vary from 250- 450 euros per day depending on the site and the type of hunt.