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Henri Viitanen

Sales / CEO
+358 40 417 8807

Ville Heiskanen

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Turo Niemi

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B&R Hunting Oy


B&R Hunting Ltd was established in 2005 and has grown quickly due to its expertise and reliability to become Finland's largest organiser of hunting trips. The company is an official travel agency approved by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

The company was founded by Henri Viitanen, who has immersed himself in nature and animals through numerous years of hunting. He is also a graduate of the African Professional Hunter Examination. Viitanen has become familiar to hunting afficionados through his articles in hunting magazines.

During his years overseas he has personally created an extensive, international partnership network, which enables us to offers our customers the most interesting locations and the best possible services at competitive prices.

Our travel directors are experienced Finnish hunting and travel industry professionals, who guarantee a safe and productive trip with the highest level of professionalism.

B&R Hunting offers luxury that is within everyone's reach.